Our Father’s Lap

Photo by David Bowman (Courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com)

Happy New Year

Each year we look forward to a fresh start hoping that whatever trials we went through in the previous year are truly left there.  We look forward to new beginnings, joy, peace and a sense of fulfilment in that which we have embarked upon.  It may be a desire to draw closer to God, a change of career, obtaining that long sought after degree, marriage, children, retirement, purchasing a house or something else.

Whatever you decide to embark upon this year, I would like to leave this thought with you. Whenever life becomes complex, things get tough and your dreams seem unachievable, just remember –

There is a God who delights in us spending time in His presence not as subjects to a king or slaves to a master, but as children to a father.  He wants us to run into His lap, throw our arms around Him, look up into His face and tell Him, “I love you Daddy.”

How does God respond to such a show of affection?  Even if He is dealing with affairs of the universe He will stop everything and acknowledge our presence. Then with a smile that takes away all our doubts and fears, He leaves us with incredible joy and faith as He replies, “And I love you too.”

So take some time out, when the complexities of life set in, enter into His presence as a little child and there leave all your stresses and cares confident that He has the power to soothe and empower you once more for the journey ahead.

Stay blessed.

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