About Masterpieces of The Master

Most photos on the cover of Masterpieces of The Master are credited to Isaac Oluwole.


Masterpieces of The Master is insightful for all women, of all faiths and none.  It is written with the aim to create a ‘space’ by which women can share and discuss issues raised within its pages, bringing healing to those sharing and empowerment to those listening.

Masterpieces of The Master is a collection of beautifully-crafted stories based upon the lives of 12 biblical women; some written within a 21st century context.  Birth by the Holy Spirit, abuse, prejudice, widowhood, love and longing are intricately weaved creating this tapestry in the complex experience of ‘life’.  Take a peek behind the tapestry and you will see many strands of different colours and sizes, telling their own story. Every strand depicting a memory, some longing to be forgotten, others fondly remembered. Yet it is this coupling of both strands, powered by faith, which produces the tapestry that culminates in the masterpiece.

See how Jochebed, Job’s wife, Hagar, Mary Magdalene and others use the law of faith to overcome strands of pain, sorrow and adversity.  Feel admiration for their tenacity, share in their laughter, sadness, tears and joy then marvel at the Master’s ability to create masterpieces using those same strands.

Masterpieces of The Master can be purchased at:   www.authorhouse.com; www.Barnesandnoble.com; www.Amazon.com and other online book stores.  It is available in Paperback and Kindle.


I highly recommend this book (SD); When you start reading it, you find it difficult to drop it (GO)

As a non Christian I most probably read it with a different view to the stories than Christians might but found the stories very interesting (JW)

I started reading your book this morning. You write beautifully. You are a light in this time of darkness. I wish you many great successes (LW)

I have only enjoyed Christian writing this much from one other author and that person is Max Lucado (JG)



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