The Creator and His creation

A mild October 2023 morning, during my daily devotions, praising God for who He is. I remembered a time when I was a little girl asking my paternal grandmother, “Granny, who made God?” She replied, “thinking about those things will make you go mad.” As grandmothers do, with concern for their grandchildren – smile.

Today, some fifty-odd years later, I saw that because we are created beings, we think in limited ways. Housed in a physical body, we live by what we see, feel, smell, taste and touch; in other words our senses. We are time conscious human beings. Eat, sleep, wake up, school, work, marriage, children, hobbies, activities, fame, death – all have time frames.

Such a question, we can never answer for He, The Creator is infinitely beyond our comprehension. Take a look at the galaxies, the stars, the solar system all contained within His Universe. Stare in awe and wonder at this planet earth He created for us which we share with as many as 8.7 million different forms of life (The Guardian 23 Aug 2011). Marvel at how our human bodies are made up and its renewal day by day.

My granny was right. We simply need to enjoy ALL that He has created and leave that question well alone.

Welcome to Masterpieces of The Master website.
It is my pleasure to meet you online and hope that what you find here will encourage and strengthen you in this complex experience we call “life.”

If you have read Masterpieces of The Master, you would have read my tribute to my mother (below) who died at the age of twenty-six years old. She was the mother I never had the privilege of growing up with; a mother whose personality I possess (so I have been told by some who knew her).

After telling a friend that I had dedicated the first chapter of Masterpieces of The Master to her memory, she suggested I wrote a tribute. I resisted at first because at the time of her death, I was nearly four years old and only two memories of her remained with me. One, where I wanted to do something naughty, but her eyes looked as though they were following my every move (needless to say I declined from carrying out my plan); the second was of her lying on her sickbed.

As I sat down and picked up a pen to write, tears began to flow and after a short while they became unstoppable. I sobbed my heart out for a long time as I looked over my life and saw all the years of searching for someone to fill her place. Eventually, I picked up the pen, and as I began to write, words just flowed from my inner being. I thank God for the privilege of being inspired to write such beautiful words about a mother I had never really known but could still celebrate. You can find my tribute in Posts under REMEMBRANCE..

 “A mother holds her children’s hands for a moment, but their hearts forever!” (Unknown)

Dollys' mother

Is there someone in your life that you respect and admire?

I would encourage you to celebrate them while they are still alive.
Let them know how much they mean to you now, rather than wait until it’s too late.
I would love to know what happened when you did.
Be blessed.