This is to  let you know that I enjoyed reading your book.  MASTERPIECES of The Master. Every chapter,  and the contents so amazing.  God bless (Elizabeth).

As a non-Christian I most probably read it with a different view to the stories than Christians might but found the stories very interesting (Jacqui).

I enjoyed the book very much. It’s great to read the stories in detail that I always pondered whenever I read them in the Bible. Well done for allowing our Heavenly Father to use you so mightily.

I just finished reading this unusual book and thoroughly enjoyed each story. It is very creative how Ms Crooks has taken the Biblical accounts and woven contemporary situations into them. I am sure this is something that will continue to make the stories more comprehensible to today’s young women and girls. I look forward to her upcoming books (Victoria).

I have really enjoyed reading your book. I could not put it down and read it over two days.

Keep writing, you have an excellent style and the thoughts after each chapter really made me think. I purchased a copy of your book for a friend. She said it encouraged her so much because she was dealing with particular issues in her life and the book ministered to her (Jean).

An excellent read for the religious or non religious.

Your book is brilliant …what you have done with the stories from the bible. The transitions … just brilliant. And it’s like you open minds to think about the reality that there was so much more to the lives of the characters than what is in the scripture.

That is one awesome, and powerful, uplifting, moving anointed book. The book is incredible (Sophia).

When I began to read it I couldn’t put it down. As I read, I could imagine the scene in my mind, my emotions were running wild with joy, laughter and compassion for the characters. The last chapter really hit home because I am in the process of starting all over again.

I highly recommend this book (Sue).

When you start reading it, you find it difficult to drop it (Grace).

I started reading your book this morning. You write beautifully. You are a light in this time of darkness. I wish you many great successes (Laura).

I have only enjoyed Christian writing this much from one other author and that person is Max Lucado (Jeannie).

You’re such a good storyteller. Listening to it makes me feel present in the scene. Awesome.

Wow … (Aliyah).

An excellent read looking at human relationships with a different angle (MT).

Excellent read with a biblical touch (Som1).

Can’t wait to read more stories from Dollys. I personally just love the story and will be glad if you guys purchase one and read yourself. The emotions attached to this story is great. Well done for writing such a Lovely story. xxx (Florence).