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I Will Tell Film Festival

November 2016

Just finished exhibiting at Miami Dade International Book Fair in Miami, Florida. Went well, great experience and again met some interesting people. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures – so here are just a few.

Lovely Day!
Enjoying my first day at Miami Dade International Book Fair

October 2016

CRE Exhibition went really well.  I met some wonderful people, had amazing assistants and sold all  books!  Interview went well too!  Thanks to my church, Kings Church Gillingham and my pastor Chris Gill for their tremendous support.  To my son for helping me prepare for the event and my daughter for her encouragement.

Once again, I have been so busy on this exciting journey my Heavenly Father is taking me on.

On 12th and 13th October 2016, I am exhibiting Masterpieces of The Master at CRE (Christian Resources Exhibition), Kent Event Centre, Delting, Maidstone ME14 3JF. My Stand is E18. The exhibition offers a range of seminars, books, CDs, DVDs together with an Arts theatre etc.   I am also going to be interviewed on the Spotlight Stage on the last day – Thursday 13th October at 10:45am. It would be such an honour if any of you can make it.    Click on the link below for your complimentary tickets as my guests.  Looking forward to seeing at least some of you!  God bless.


Dollys exhibiting at Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE)

September 2016: I was so so so nervous BUT very very excited to be given the opportunity to do a short film pitch for Masterpieces of The Master. Thank you my wonderful, heavenly Father. I didn’t even know what a film pitch was before this! For those of you, who are like me, it’s where you have a 2 minute (this time) opportunity to pitch an idea for a short film and be given feedback from a panel of film pros. Feedback was good. Next step is to create your masterpiece and enter a competition! The experience was amazing. Thanks Jenny ( for the opportunity.

Short Film Pitch
Short Film Pitch for Masterpieces of The Master

August 2016

The ‘Evening with Dollys’ went really well.  Nine women attended.  They chose their favourite chapters from Masterpieces of The Master from which I read excerpts.

It was a small intimate gathering.We had fun as well as some serious discussions on certain issues contained in the book.  THANK YOU to those who attended and for your encouraging feedback.  Check out the pictures!

Lovely group of ladies
Lovely group of ladies
Fun and laughter!
Fun and laughter!

On Wednesday, 24th August 2016, ‘my story’ was aired GMT on PrayzIn online radio at  It is the story of my journey so far in this complex experience we call ‘life.’  Between each line of pain and glory, lies the unconditional love and guidance of my heavenly Father who took me from the dung heap of life then lovingly and patiently, crafted me into one of His masterpieces.  He forgave me much and I, in turn, love Him much.

Thank you Karis for the opportunity of sharing ‘my story’ with you and your listeners. We laughed so much, it felt as if I have known you for a very long time even though I had just met you in person.    Thanks also to my cousin Daphne Lewis for accompanying me.  Enjoy.

If you miss it, you can listen to the podcast on

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What a wonderful birthday present

May 2016

Book signing at I Believe Books came and went. It was an absolutely awesome God ordained time resulting in myself and one of the ladies present being interviewed about Masterpieces of The Master for aired on Sunday. Big, Big thanks to Angela, the proprietor. Masterpiece