About Masterpieces of The Master

Birth by the Holy Spirit, Masterpieces of The Master is a collection of beautifully-crafted stories, based on the lives of 12 biblical women. 
Journey with them as they encounter life’s complexities, its pain, sorrow and heartache. Feel admiration for these tenacious women, share in their tears, laughter, sadness and joy.  

When observed collectively, you will see a common thread.  Read and marvel as the Master, compassionately and skilfully, uses this thread to create authentic and unique masterpieces.
What is this thread?  Simply … FAITH !

The author would like to acknowledge the following persons:

Jonathan (my very long time friend).
Isaac Oluwole for taking most of the photos.
The ladies who graciously agreed to be on the cover.
Grace, Jean, Ruth for their patience in taking the videos, re-runs after
Vee – for much-treasured knowledge and advice. 
All who have had an input one way or another – too many to mention.
Last but not least, my children whose support is invaluable.
Blessings to you all!