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  • Jeannie Gibson

    Thanks for a great read and continued best for the New Year.
    The book, “Masterpieces of The Master” was a quick easy and riveting read. Stories very creatively intertwined modern with the biblical. Topical issues touched including a peek into the mind of a woman who stays silent when her husband raped their daughter, a young girl who is the victim of sexual abuse from her father.
    The writing is beautiful. It is crisp and clean and evocative and shares the word and evangelizes in an effective way and yet without being pushy or “in your face”.
    Gently inviting.
    I have only enjoyed Christian writing this much from one other author and that person is Max Lucado.
    Book could only have been written by someone with a very vivid imagination. But also someone who has thoroughly studied the entire bible and meditated on it intensely and deeply.

    • Dollys

      Hi Jeannie
      Reflecting on your previous post and in particular, my reply, almost a year ago.
      I just want to say having been involved with women from domestic abuse backgrounds for awhile now, I realize it is a very complex situation. Women stay with their partners or keep silent for many a reason and not just for the sake of keeping the family ‘intact.’ Some are ashamed, afraid, some are dependent on their abuser both financially and emotionally. Thankfully, many have found the courage to make the break and are living fulfilling lives with their children. They also go on to empower other women to do the same.


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