A tribute to the mother I never knew

It has been 56 years since my beloved mum passed away.  Just want to share a tribute I wrote to her and to say if you have had your mum all your life or even a longer period than I did (nearly 4 years), cherish her and let her know often how much you love her.  God bless

To the memory of my mother, the late May-Elaine Eudora Stewart (nee Singh), a Masterpiece God unveiled at the tender age of twenty-six. Mother, in this unveiling you left behind three strands of the finest silk thread – two girls and one boy – your tapestry in this wonderful and complex experience that is called life.

On the outside, we reveal a beautiful picture of you: your eldest daughter displaying your creativity; your only son, your beauty; and I, your second daughter, your personality. But take a peek on the reverse side, and you will see the pain and heartache of losing you when we were so young, of missing you, of having no-one to turn to except each other, when life got rough.

I have mourned your loss all my life and sought for many to bridge the gap, only

realizing after some fifty years and more that there is none who can ever fill
such a high and lofty place .

So, Mother, I dedicate the first chapter of this my first book to your memory – the first Masterpiece in the lives of three strands of the finest silk thread. I know that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, and one day we shall hopefully meet with you again.

 A mother holds her children’s hands for a moment, but their hearts forever!” (Unknown)

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