A tribute to the mother I never knew

It has been fifty-six years since my beloved mum passed away.  Just want to share a tribute I wrote to her. I would also like to say if you have had your mum all your life or even for a more extended period than I did (nearly four years); cherish her. Let her know, regularly, whether by your words or actions, how much you love her.  God bless.

To the memory of my mother, the late May-Elaine Eudora Stewart (nee Singh), a Masterpiece God unveiled at the tender age of twenty-six.

Mother, in this unveiling, you left behind three strands of the most beautiful silk thread – two girls and one boy.  Your tapestry in this remarkable and complex experience that is called life.        

On the outside, we reveal a beautiful picture of you: your eldest daughter displaying your creativity; your only son, your beauty; and I, your second daughter, your personality.

But take a peek on the reverse side, and you will see the pain and heartache of losing you when we were so young, of missing you, of having no-one to turn to except each other, when life got rough.

I have mourned your loss all my life and sought for many to bridge the gap, only realizing after some fifty years, and more that there is no-one who can ever fill such a high and lofty place in my life.

So, Mother, I dedicate the first chapter of this my first book to your memory – the first Masterpiece in the lives of three strands of the choicest silk thread.

I know that Jesus is The Resurrection and The Life, and one day we shall hopefully meet with you again.

 A mother holds her children’s hands for a moment, but their hearts forever!” (Unknown)

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