Woke up this morning with this saying which developed into this poem.  Thought I would share it. Let me have your comments

As the saying goes, “time waits for no man

Sit back and do nothing and your spiritual poverty

Will come upon you as an armed man


This armed man will bind you and hold you captive

Thrusting its thoughts and ideologies forcibly upon you

Each time you try to resist

To rise up in your natural strength

The shackles get heavier and heavier

Your bones weaker and weaker

And your world darker and darker


What’s the answer?

How am I to be ever free?


Feed on the word of God!

It’s the only sure way to overcome the armed man

To loose his shackles

Destroy his chains

Cast down his imaginations resident in your mind


Jesus paid it all

All to Him I owe

Sin had held me captive, restrained

His blood has made me free, complete

©Dollys Crooks (7th Aug 2017)



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